Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today's Brilliance 04/10/10

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Always remember that there is a retirement home waiting somewhere and so we have to surpass ourselves everyday, make every day undying. Climb our own personal Everest and do it in such a way that every step is a little bit of eternity. ~Muriel Barbery

Today's Brilliance

Lawrence Chernin

Lawrence Chernin

Lawrence is a chip designer in Silicon Valley, an architect and the founder of

If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to others...

Question: what is 100 x 365? A relatively small number nevertheless, but likely bigger than the number of sunsets that you and I may experience in our lifetimes. Ever watch the changing colors of the light from yellow to purple and wonder how we came to be to experience the sun in all its majesty? What makes the colors, how do we see them, and what does our brain reveal? This is what makes us human and different from a rock. Did you try to ever hug a rock? Not to belittle rocks, but life is short, and every day one is alive is a magical gift to be able to wake anew and to experience a new daily adventure that is beyond any monetary value. Life not about trivial things like money and possessions, rather it's the earth and above and below and with all its life - to be inspired by and to be cherished. Make a note to go outside soon and to hug a tree, then look up to its tall branches swaying in the wind, and imagine just how many sunrises and sunsets it has witnessed. The oldest trees ...

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