Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Never allow others to define your potential. ~ Marjorie Brody

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Never allow others to define your potential. ~ Marjorie Brody

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Marjorie Brody

Marjorie Brody

Marjorie is the founder & fearless leader of BRODY Professional Development.

If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to others...

It was 1984. White water rafting in Lehigh River. It was me, my significant other, Alan, and our combined four children, ages 7 to 12.

I was in the front of the raft looking around Alan was in the back paddling. The children were directing Alan toward the roughest rapids they could see.

Suddenly, we hit a rock. The raft flexed, throwing Alan into the white water. I knew that Alan would be fine. He was strong and good swimmer. My fear was that I couldn't get the children back to safety.

In what seemed like hours and was only split seconds -- Alan's head popped out the water. I leaned over and yelled. ";Get back in this raft!"; He said, ";I would if I could."; At that point, I leaned over the side, grabbed his arm, and flung all 200 pounds of him back into the raft.

If anyone would have asked me if I could have lifted Alan I would h...

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