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Monday, October 25, 2010

Work less...earn more--and have more fun! ~ Ernest Oriente

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Work less...earn more--and have more fun! ~ Ernest Oriente

Today's Brilliance

Ernest Oriente

Ernest Oriente

Ernest is an executive coach, the author of Smart Match Alliances and the founder of

If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to others...

Do you know what genius work is?

As a leader within your company, are you spending today doing genius work...the kind of work that is the most valuable and best use of your time? Genius work can be defined as a peak performance state-of-mind. This means that when you are immersed in the genius work you most love and you are working on the projects that require your maximum attention, the results will be world-class! Doing genius work also means that you are focusing on the activities and the action steps that will deliver high impact results, on both a professional and personal level.

Defining genius work
"If I could only focus on two key areas today, what would the most valuable and best use of my time be?"

This is the easiest and fastest way to define genius work. As a leader in your company, genius work might include an important interview to hire a new SuperStar, a presentation to your Board of Directors on your financial performance or meeting...

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