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Cowboy Wisdom

I pray your life is free and easy as the tumbleweed rambling across the landscape in perfect way.

Infinite Spirit I give thanks that everybody’s life flows as easy and effortlessly as a tumbleweed rambling across the landscape showcasing it’s sovereignty to emulating your sovereign luxurious lifestyle now in the right way in a loving way which is yours by divine right. Your luxurious sovereign lifestyle is instantly released to you and reaches you under grace in a perfect way and in divine order now.

How is the tumbleweed the teacher that will enhance your life experiences? The tumbleweed modality teaches you how to let go opening out your brazen boldness to be unattached to any and all life experiences after the growing and expanding thru the experience enhancing your fortitude wisdom confidence and boldness. Opening out your fortitude to living you’re desired life with this crisp bold modality fortifying your spoken word mental imagery inner dialog detaching and releasing you from any inner scaring from anything and everything that happens in your life. How sovereign and bold will you feel when you are liberated from all inner scaring from your hindsight?

Hindsight is the tumbleweed caught in the fence turning into compost. Hindsight is the embellisher of your insecurities immaturity and creator of your current situation. Hindsight is 20/20 is a fallacy and falsifying game played out in our life’s and becomes a limiting modality in a human beings subconscious mind. How is your hindsight limiting your way of thinking and living?

Because human beings impress within themselves everything they shouldda couldda and mighta done instead of how bold they were in the situation. How do you say hindsight is 20/20 then become unwilling to expand because everything you do looks wrong in your eyes? Wrong is means wisdom revealing omnipotence nurturing genius from within to life your desired life. How does it feel to understand you have never been wrong you have been enhancing your creative ingenuity?

The tumbleweed grows lets go and moves on without making a story of their growth. Tumbleweeds grow without being planted just like an imaginative intuitive dream enter you conscious awareness. The tumbleweeds grow to maturity let go and move on to the next adventure. Human beings overlook the growing to maturity and stay immature and insecure right where they are and relive the wannabe lifestyle instead the lavish luxury lifestyle they have within them because they want the dream to happen without turbulent occurrences to happen in their life.

The last five words of every sentence is omnipotence of your life emanating your outcomes confidence lifestyle and trust in your abilities. When you’re speaking with brazen boldness confidence and as maharishi you encompass. You open your fortitude to understanding that the last five words articulated in any communication impress your subconscious mind and universe of the omnipotence of your desires. Because the last five words are expansion in your life and imprint you retain from any life experience. How powerful are the words you speak?

Words that are internal to your subconscious mind desire focus intentions expand live and reside inside they enhance your life. These words are action orientated that bring life and objectivity to your subconscious mind. Because expand is a word that says grow life and tumbleweed into maturity in every situation. Focus aims the third eye at your desired outcome and to live and reside inside your desired lifestyle. How do these words resonate with you? Don’t resonate don’t use them open your mind by engaging your desires not by doing everything everybody else does. How will you expand erupt and explode your life to be a social sovereign?

Words that are external sound good do nothing and enhance you dramatizing stories so open yourself to let go of using these words in your daily life why, transform, change, goals, want, need, heal, and expectations because these words create dramatized story and enhance your hindsight and previous outcomes in your subconscious mind. How are these words limiting your expanded desires?

Allow yourself to use words that initiate an expanding effect on your subconscious mind. Story creating words inflict deeper wounds about your life. How do you enhance and embellish your life occurrences for to fit in with your friend’s society and at work? How these words are following the crowd words and living the same life as everybody else?

Be the tumbleweed living and residing inside lavish wealth and opulent success by engaging in your desires let go of your unwanted stuff set the intention focus on your outcomes expand your fortitude to live and reside inside your lavish opulent nirvana. No bullshit story just bare bones get it done expansion without worrying who you are impressing and without creating a gigantic drama ending in a trauma in your subconscious mind and your life. It is called the Desired Life by Cowboy Wisdom. How will you allow Cowboy-Wisdom to partner with you to open out your fortitude to life your Desired Life?

Human beings love being in the drama and trauma experiences in their life rather than in a dharma flow because dharma doesn’t look as dramatic as chaos. Human beings have this misguided paradigm when my life occurrences aren’t more dramatic traumatizing my life isn’t fulfilling. How does this paradigm have hung-up and you can’t move forward? How are you attached to you current life situations?

Authentically authorizing you’re lionhearted sagacious prowess catapulting you into being the stouthearted maharishi that has the zest and zeal to expand through all life situations without any interruptions and being sovereign from all your life occurrences. Impressing and expressing you’re conscious world, your subconscious mind and the universe that you’re thee sapient maestro orchestrating your everyday life to its highest opulent paradigm. How do you become squeamish and shy when you desire to be bold and be a marquee maharishi?

A person that wakes up in the morning knowing everything goes to bed the same while a person that wakes up knowing nothing and understanding who they are and where they are going goes to bed a wiser bolder self-assured person. Let go of everything you know and your human conditioning to live your desired life now just like the tumbleweed releases its roots and moves freely across the landscape. What are your desires?

Crisp wisdom begins every morning when you say where is my life expanding people and experiences are being revealed to me to expand my fortitude erupt my wisdom and explode into a higher paradigm today. How is this you’re new wisdom that opens you out into being the sagacious sage in the cosmos enriching the populace to live their desired life inside lavish luxuriousness now? Are you open to this paradigm? How will you experience this paradigm?

Human beings deadbolt what has challenged them and created chaos in their life into a “why me I know that pity me stories” in their subconscious however they have a uneasiness about embellishing all the dynamics things they have completed and expanded thru. Human being would rather be condemned criticized and talked bad about than receive compliments and taking credit for the good things they have done completed in their life. How do you worry more about what other people think about you?

Human beings have a built in deadbolt on their mind which has them thinking by letting go detaching and learning from an experience they feel they aren’t worthy and deserving of their lavish nirvana. This is societal drivel at its best everything that happens in your life is to expand your passion and purpose. How do you have a deadbolt on your dreams because you desire to fit into society more than live your passion and purpose?

However the arrogant perfect people, college education, education system and people that think arrogance is personal growth forgetting it is the people that died on picket lines created their life today not business politicians or college education. College educated people are in Washington D.C. and running Corporate America which cheap wages are the answer to everything when in reality is the caused this recession. Cheapness is what third world countries thrive on and look at them free traders believe in child labor sweatshops and cheap labor. How has this way of thinking moved this country forward and your life forward?

You will negate being wealthy and successful when you are unwilling to pay your way forward in your life. What you desire in your life you put forth into the universe to receive back. This mindset of cheapness has created the world today. Outside of technology how has the mindset of the world expanded from the beginning of time?

They had spiritual teachings and mind expanding sapience since the beginning of time however people choose the path of history. How does the world still live inside fear violence war and tough talk as their subconscious modality that history has taught them? History teaches and exploits fear. Because they subconsciously fear they lack respect within themselves the ability to communicate their ideas and a way of life as permanent experience for others. Siblings live the identical life their parents do/did because that is what they understand. How has the world and you latched on to the negative teachings rather than the positive proactive expansion the world encompasses? How are you living in the mindset of your parents and society?

College education today is immaturity insecurity talk tough in action and I am always right the uneducated people don’t deserve anything because they aren’t as educated as me. However just to set the record straight when a natural disaster happens businesses become corrupt with greed politicians can screw up a one car parade and the hourly workers put it all back together while somebody takes credit for something they can’t do. Be honest since wages have went down getting off the gold standard free trade, and outsourcing has this country really prospered or living an illusion of prosperity?

Hourly workers and blue collar workers build America with their abilities and the bureaucrats, people wearing suits create the limitations and fears this country and world reside inside. I know this by experience. Remember in the world bureaucrat ends with rat. College education is to train people to repeat history and relived them of all common sense. How will you expand your resolve allowing yourself to live your nirvana?

Cowboy-Wisdom puts common sense in college educated world opening you out to living your desired life with everyday life being your teacher and you living residing inside lavish avalanches of affluent abundances now.

Which has created the economy today college education, political system, education system and the immaturity and insecurity has robbed this country of its common sense and people thinking talking tough is being tough ironically this creates fear in the world and people thrive on fear thinking and spreading fear thinking they are tough. They are arrogantly tough bona-fide ignorant and afraid of their own shadow. How are you afraid of your own shadow? How will you release all the emotion thoughts ideas and way of thinking that you have to live your life like everybody else?

You have never-ever done something wrong you have only created life enhancing learning lessons. How will releasing all the stored non-sense that you have been taught and believed enhance your life? How does what other people think and say have you bound in your life now? How will detaching from what other people think of you and say about your lifestyle open you to an opulent life? How will telling society to take a long walk on a short plank enhance your boldness to live life your way?

Three questions:

How do you fear letting go of everything you know and you’re human conditioning to live your desired life?

How is everything you know your biggest limitations?

How will you feel to be as sovereign as the tumbleweed tumbling across the landscape?

Three affirmations:

Eye am a living breathing free spirited tumbleweed rolling inside my desired life of plush luxuriousness.

Eye am the brazen boldness engulfing the universe personifying red-hot wisdom quick daring action & optimum outcomes now.

Infinite Spirit I give thanks for my life overflowing with lavish avalanches of financial emotional spiritual and personal sovereignty now in a the right way in a loving way which is mine by divine right my financial emotional personal and spiritual sovereignty is instantly released without delay and reaches me without hesitation under grace in a perfect way and in divine order now.

Rob Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

I am NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Past Regression Specialist, Reiki Master, Radio Show Host, Parts Integration and Time Line Coach.

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