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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Only God is real. ~Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

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Only God is real. ~Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

Today's Brilliance

Jonathan Ellerby

Jonathan Ellerby

Dr. Jonathan is a Hay House best-seller and the author of Return to the Sacred: Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening

If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to others...

It sounds complicated at first, but it is simple and will change your life forever. It did for me.

Oneness is more than a concept. It's an experience and a way of living. In every culture throughout time there have been saints, mystics, sages, shamans and prophets who have come to the same conclusion: all things in this world are deeply interconnected and ultimately are only diverse expressions of the one original source energy. This was the essential experience and conviction of most of the worlds' religious founding leaders. They called the Oneness of life different things: God, Allah, Hashem, The Great Mystery and so on, but the idea of oneness is universal. Oneness means we are each united with all of life.

Oneness is not just a spiritual or religious idea. It is now a clear scientific principle. Einstein died trying to prove the unified field theory, a belief that all life and matter are united by an underlying energy or consciousness. The great quantum physicists D...

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