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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When things go wrong, don't go with them. ~Robert Schuller

Inspired Quote of the Day

Tough times don't last, tough people do. ~ Robert Schuller

Today's Brilliance

Les Brown

Les Brown

Les Brown is an internationally recognized speaker and the author of the highly acclaimed books, Live Your Dreams and It's Not Over Until You Win.

If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I'd want to pass along to others...

I think, we can all agree, life is getting tough. It seems as if everything around us is collapsing, and crumbling before our very eyes. Many people are uncertain about the future, money, relationships, health, and careers. In fact, we are beginning to question the very nature of life itself.

In these uneasy times, even as a world-renown motivator, my advice is simply: When things go wrong, don't go with them. Have you watched the news lately? It's quite depressing isn't it? With all of this mess going on around us, you have to monitor your mind and mouth. I'm not oblivious to shocking headlines and a poor economy, but I can't consume myself with it; because, whatever you focus on the longest becomes the strongest.

Everyone has one friend who calls with nothing but bad news. I have to talk to people who see opportunities in the eye of the storm. Not the person who advises me to put my money under a mattress, or recommends taking self-defense classes because crime rat...

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